Relic aged guitars made in the UK by Ammon guitars.

Relic aged guitars UK by Ammon guitars. Complete guitars and parts.

Relic Aged Custom Guitars and Parts

Welcome to Ammon Guitars! Ammon Guitars was set up to provide the discerning guitar player with a 1950's/1960's guitar playing experience without having to pay vintage or custom shop prices.

So 'relicing' then....that's just attacking a guitar with a screwdriver.

No! All of our guitars and parts are aged or reliced with care and skill to simulate years of natural playing wear. We believe that our guitars would stand up to close scrutiny to the big USA custom shops. While we can't give you a real 1950's maple necked beauty...we can get you as close as possible!

Ok..So what makes your guitars better from all the other 'relicers' aged guitars out there?

Apart from the reasons above our guitars have the following features:

* We use quality tone woods - Swamp Ash and Alder.

* Our bodies and necks are accurately based on the originals dimensions and shapes .

* We use quality top of the range hardware and pickups based on period specs.

* All our guitars, bodies and necks are finished with 100% Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer in period correct colours.

* Our guitars are set up and tested to the highest standard before shipping.

* We are happy for guitarists to play demo our guitars before they purchase their own instrument. All our guitars come with a 1 year warranty on parts and electrics and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Quality Tweed cases are available for 70 extra.  Learn more: ABOUT US

Ammon Relic Guitar News.

We now sell Replacement Bodies with our 3 choices of relic finish for T-type and S-Type guitars featuring 100% nitro finishes! We also offer a repair and restoration service for all makes of guitars- email for details. We have had a few enquiries lately about about relicing peoples own guitars. We will do this but only to guitars that are finished with nitro lacquer already. We have recently lightly aged a Gibson '61 reissue SG. Click here for pics. We also can do Guitar Amp Repairs and Rewiring! Please email for details and prices!

NEW PAGE!! Live from the workbench!: Find out about our current projects including our prototype amps!

 We have 3 basic types of relic aged finish that we apply to our guitars - Unworn, Careworn, Wellworn. Click HERE: Relic Finish Types for details about our types of ageing with pictures!

We truly believe that we offer some of the best vintage accurate and playable repro relic and aged guitars available  today. We sell complete instruments as well as bodies and necks. For more information and prices please use the navigation buttons below to see what we can offer. We are also expanding our range all the time so check back to see other models as we list them. We are also working on our distributer list with UK music stores, more information coming soon! BREAKING NEWS: We are working on a range of US and UK style amplification as we speak. We have 2 prototypes completed...more info shortly! COMING SOON: Video and Audio Demos!!

Payment Details: We accept Cash, Personal Cheque, BACS and Paypal. PLEASE NOTE: A 50% deposit is required for complete instruments.

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